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WW2 British Paratroopers


WW2-British Paratroopers 
Impressed by the success of German airborne operations, during the Battle of France, the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, directed the War Office to investigate the possibility of creating a corps of 5,000 parachute troops. On 22 June 1940, No. 2 Commando was turned over to parachute duties and on 21 November, re-designated the 11th Special Air Service Battalion, with a parachute and glider wing. It was these men who took part in the first British airborne operation, Operation Colossus, on 10 February 1941. In September, the battalion was re-designated the 1st Parachute Battalion and assigned to the 1st Parachute Brigade. To fill out the brigade, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Parachute Battalions were raised by asking for volunteers from all units in the British Army.

The Parachute Regiment was formed during the Second World War and eventually raised 17 battalions. In Europe, these battalions formed part of the 1st Airborne Division, the 6th Airborne Division and the 2nd Independent Parachute Brigade. Another three battalions served with the British Indian Army in India and Burma. The regiment took part in five major parachute assault operations, often landing ahead of all other troops, during which they fought in North Africa, Italy, Greece, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

I have decided to painted Artizan Miniatures British Paratroopers for two reasons, firstly they are a great variety of poses and headgear. Secondly I like the weapons casting it is solid and will not break as easily as some other manufacturers weapons. My pet peeve is flimsy weapons (rifles, swords & bayonets, etc...) nothing worse than spending hours painting and basing a great unit/regiment to then normally through no fault of your own to suddenly discover a rifle end knocked off or sword/bayonet snapped...Grrr!! really annoying. Artizan are normally very solid in that respect, unless dropped from the painting table onto a tiled floor ...which I have done. Enough of my rambling and on with the figures. I have been asked by visitors to my blog to list which paints I have used on the miniatures, so I hence forth shall....

I mostly use Vallejo Acrylic Paints. I start with a Chaos Black Primer by Citadel.
  • Beret- 957 Flat Red Badge-790 Silver.
  • Helmets- 892 Yellow Olive, Camouflage detailing 837 Pale Sand & 876 Brown sand.
  • Para Wings Badge on left arm- 961 Sky Blue & 918 Ivory.
  • Denison Smock- Base colour 917 Beige-Camouflage Pattern a mix of 929 Light Brown & 967 Olive Green with some blending. Smock buttons- 864 Natural steel.
  • Trousers-981 Orange Brown highlighted with 916 Sand Yellow. 
  • Gaiters- 917 Beige with some Black shading.
  • Backpack & Webbing-804 Beige Red with shading a mixture of 804 Beige Red and 168 Black Grey.
  • Weapons a mixture of 168 Black Grey, 950 Black, 981 Orange Brown and 863 Gun Metal.
  • Boots- 950 Black
  • Flesh tones used are a mixture of 815 Basic Skin tone, 944 Old Rose & Coat d'arms Suntanned Flesh.


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