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French Light Infantry


Napoleon's 9th Légère Regiment
One of the most notable infantry regiments in the Napoleonic Wars, were the French 9th Light Infantry Regiment who were awarded the title “Incomparable” by Napoleon Bonaparte after their brilliant performance at the Battle of Marengo on 14 June 1800. The regiment went on to serve with distinction in the Ulm Campaign, at the Battle of Dürenstein 1805, the Jena Campaign 1806, and the Battle of Friedland 1807. The regiment then served in the Peninsular War taking a notable role at the Battle of Talavera July 1809 and the Siege of Badajoz 1812. Battalions from the regiment also fought in the Wagram Campaign 1809, at the Battle of Leipzig 1813, and Napoleon’s campaigns in France 1814. During the Waterloo Campaign the 9th Light fought at Battle of Ligny June 181) and the Battle of Wavre June 1815. The regiment was disbanded in the aftermath of the Bourbon Restoration.

The 9th Legere leading the charge at the battle of Morengo
I have painted the 9th using Front Rank figures wearing the later French Light Infantry uniform post 1806. The figures are based on 50mm x 50mm x 3mm, the flag is by GMB Designs. The Carabiniers bearskin with its distinctive rear blue and red panels a little hard to make out in the pictures but its there if you look closely. The Voltigeurs colpack is very interesting and makes for an agreeable change from the normal French shako.
 French Drum Major
This is a Front Rank miniature that I have painted with reference materials from various sources and with a little artistic licence reference the headgear, I am pleased with the outcome.

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