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WW2 Australian Infantry


I have wanted to pay tribute to the Australian Military who fought alongside the Allied forces in both European Theatre and Asian Theatre of war. I have painted these Artizan miniatures to represent standard Australian Infantry from the Asian Theatre such as Burma amongst many.
The Australians fought two wars between 1939 and 1945, one against Germany and Italy as part of the British Commonwealth's war effort and the other against Japan in alliance with the United States and Britain. While most Australian forces were withdrawn from the Mediterranean following the outbreak of war in the Pacific, they continued to take part in large numbers in the air offensive against Germany. From 1942 until early 1944, Australian forces played a key role in the Pacific War, making up the majority of Allied strength throughout much of the fighting in the South West Pacific. The military was largely relegated to subsidiary fronts from mid-1944, but continued offensive operations against the Japanese until the war ended.
World War II contributed to major changes in the nation's economy, military and foreign policy. The war accelerated the process of industrialisation, led to the development of a larger peacetime military and began the process with which Australia shifted the focus of its foreign policy from Britain to the United States. The final effects of the war also fostered the development of a more diverse and cosmopolitan Australian society.


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