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Calpe Miniatures-Prussian Cavalry


I will be painting some of the Prussian cavalry regiments that were present at the Battle of Waterloo amongst other major Napoleonic battles. I will be using Calpe Miniature's as I like their sculpts, they are a joy to paint and Peter's detailed range and breath of variations is second to none. I will be including Uhlans, Dragoons, Hussars & Landwehr Cavalry. Keep checking back for updates to this post.
2nd West Prussian Dragoon Regiment
6th Neumark Dragoon Regiment
5th Prince William of Brandenburg Regiment

1st Pommerania Landwehr Regiment

1st Kurmark Landwehr Regiment

Death's Head's Hussars - "Totenkopf-husaren" 

There were 12 Prussian Hussar regiments but one regiment stood out above the others. It dressed in black and took as its badge a skull. The regiment became known as the Death's Head Hussars or 1st Lieb Hussar Regiment and struck fear into the enemy for many years. It was the 1st Life Hussar Regiment. The Colonel's of this regiment were: 1804-1808 von Prittwitz, 1808-1840 His Majesty Friedrich Wilhelm III. The commanders: 1803 - Lossow, 1806 - Pfuhl, 1809 - von Czerdaheli, 1812 - Sandrart . The 1st Life Hussar Regiment participated in a record number of engagements 66 in total.

The figures are 28mm Calpe Miniatures based on 50mm x 50mm x 2mm Bases.

4th Silesian Hussars
The 4th Hussars contained a Volunteer Jaeger Company wearing a distinctive Green Dolman with the Regiments facing colours on Collar and cuffs.

6th Uhlans Regiment (von Lützow)
Von Lützow Freikorps Cavalry

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