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Front Rank French Hussars

 Front Rank French Hussar Regiments based on 50mm x 50mm wooden bases with GMB Design flags.
7th Hussar Regiment 1814
In 1814 it was renamed the regiment de hussards d'Orléans and on the Bourbon Restoration it took the name Colonel-general des hussars, briefly reverting to 7th Hussar Regiment during the Hundred Days before being disbanded in November 1815. The 7th Hussars had several notable commanders including Pierre David de Colbert-Chabanais and Jean Baptiste Antoine Marcellin de Marbot during the Hundred Days. Hercule Corbineau, and future cavalry generals Louis Bro and Antoine Fortuné Brack also served with the regiment. The 7th were part of Lasalle's "Hellish Brigade".
Battle Honours 

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6th Hussar Regiment Pre 1812
Created as the 7th Regiment of Hussars by Decree on the 23rd November 1792, from the Hussars Defenseurs de la Liberté et de l'Egalitié. Renumbered as the 6th Regiment de Hussars by the Decree of 4th June 1793. Emmanuel De Grouchy was the Colonel of the 6th in the early years of the Republic.
Battle Honours 

Jemmapes 1792, La Moskowa 1812, Dresde 1813, and Champaubert 1814.

5th Hussar Regiment Post 1912
Created on the 14th September 1783 with the Cavalry of the Legion de Lauzun and numbered as the 6th Regiment de Hussars in 1791. The regiment was re-numbered as the 5th Regiment de Hussars by Decree of 4th June 1793. The 5th & 8th Hussars took part in the Capture of the Dutch fleet at Den Helder or the Battle of Texel occurred in the night of the 23 January 1795 and presents a rare occurrence of a naval battle between warships and cavalry, in which French Hussar regiments surprised a Dutch fleet frozen at anchor between the port of Den Helder and the island of Texel. after an extraordinary charge across the frozen Zuiderzee the French cavalry captured 14 Dutch ships and 850 guns. A capture of ships by horsemen is an extremely rare feat in military history. This regiment was part of the legendary 'Hellish Brigade' under General Lasalle.

Battle Honours

Jemmapes 1792, Jena 1806, Eckmuhl 1809, La Moskowa 1812, and Hanau 1813.
 2nd Hussar Regiment Pre 1812 
Created in 1735 as the Hussars de Chamborant, renamed the 2nd Regiment de Hussars in1771, the 2nd Hussars Regiment is a regiment that has already more than 270 years. It was formed in January 1735 by Count Esterhazy with Hungarian volunteers, and has continued to cover himself with glory during the campaigns of the monarchy. It is especially during the Seven Years' War, under the command of his colonel, the Marquis de Chamborant, he became so famous that in the whole army, called the horsemen of the regiment: "The Chamborants" the name of their leader who will retain his command for thirty years.

The Chamborants also participate in the Napoleonic campaigns where they stand in the greatest battles, Austerlitz and Friedland. In 1844, riders of the 2nd Hussars will fight under the command of General Bugeaud on the lands of Africa to combat Abd-El-Kader. They will add these lands new glory to their pages already centenary history, and will earn the nickname "Desert Lions", justified by their participation in the battle of Isly, among others, and the second squadron will be annihilated, with sacrificing Hunters Orleans to Sidi Brahim.

Battle Honours

 Honschoote 1798, Austerlitz 1805, Friedland 1807, and Medellin 1809