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WW2 British Infantry



WW2 British Infantry

I have painted these figures to represent the 1st Battalion, the Herefordshire Regiment part of the 11th Armoured Division, known as The Black Bull, was a British Army division formed in 1941 during the Second World War. The Division was formed in response to the unanticipated success of German panzer divisions. It was responsible for several major victories in Normandy after D-Day, and it participated in the rapid advance across France, Belgium, and the Netherlands and the Rhine crossing. The Division was disbanded in January 1946 and reformed towards the end of 1950. In 1956, it was converted into the 4th Infantry Division.
The figures are 28mm by Artizan Miniatures, paints used were Vallejo Acrylics paints.
  • Helmet- 967 Olive Green
  • Unit Patch Badge on left arm- 915 Deep Yellow & 817 Scarlett.
  • Blouse & Trousers- 921 English Uniform 
  • Gaiters- 967 Olive Green with Black shading
  • Backpack & Webbing-967 Olive Green with shading a mixture of 922 USA Uniform
  • Weapons a mixture of 168 Black Grey, 950 Black, 981 Orange Brown and 863 Gun Metal.
  • Canteen-981 Orange Brown with 967 Olive Green straps
  • Buttons- 801 Brass
  • Boots- 950 Black
  • Flesh tones used are a mixture of 815 Basic Skin tone, 944 Old Rose & Coat d'arms Suntanned Flesh


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