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The Battle of Waterloo: The Netherland Light Infantry Regiments


The Battle of Waterloo


Netherland Light Infantry Regiments

There were six regiments of Jagers in the Netherlands Army; they wore uniforms similar to those of the Line Infantry, but in the distinguishing colours of green with yellow facings. The Dutch regiments wore the bell-topped shako, and the Belgian units the Belgic pattern shako. The 16th, 18th and 27th Dutch Jagers and the 35th and 36th Belgian Jagers served in the Waterloo campaign. The 27th, 35th and 36th were engaged in the three days of battle;  total casualties of 12 officers and 464 men, of which the 27th casualties were 9 officers and 342 other ranks out of 809 men. Being part of Bylandts brigade in such an exposed position at Waterloo, it is easy to understand why their losses were so heavy, surprisingly only 15 of all ranks were actually killed.
These figures are by Front Rank and are based on 50mm x 50mm 3mm bwooden bases. The Flag is by GMB Designs. I painted the figures with a mixof grey and white breeches which would happen during any campaign.
The shoulder rolls are very cool on the Flanquers Companies

The Belgian Light infantry Regiments did not have two flags, I have since removed the additional flag and replaced with a Chasseur


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