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Brunswick Corps

After Napoleon's disastrous invasion of Russia in 1812, and his subsequent retreat back into France, The Duke of Brunswick, Frederick William  was able to return to Brunswick in 1813 to reclaim his title. He also took the opportunity to replenish the ranks of his Black Brunswickers. Upon Napoleon's escape from Elba in 1815 he once more placed himself under the Duke of Wellington's command and joined the allied forces of the Seventh Coalition in Belgium. The "Brunswick Corps", as it is called in the order of battle for the Waterloo Campaign, formed up as a discrete division in the allied reserve. Its strength is given as 5376 men, composed of eight infantry battalions; one Advance Guard or Avantgarde, one Life Guard or Leib-Battalion, three Light and three Line Battalions. They were supported by both a horse and foot artillery battery of eight guns each. Also included were a regiment of Brunswick Hussars and a single squadron of Uhlans were often attached to the allied cavalry corps.
I am going to paint the Brunswick Corps from the Battle of Waterloo, using Perry's excellent Brunswick Range.
Brunswick Hussar Regiment

The Leib Battalion
These are Perry Miniatures excellent Brunswick Leib Battalion, they are based on wooden bases 40mm x 40mm x 2mm.

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