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The Sikh Wars


The Sikh Wars

Battle of Ferozeshah
I have painted H.M 29th (later to become the Worcestershire Regiment and now the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment) the figures are from the excellent Foundry Sikh War Range, they are the only manufacturers who have a Sikh range at the moment and it is a very good range. The figures are based on 50mm x 50mm 3mm wooden bases. I have tried to make the basing vegetation look more Indian sub-Continent type of vegetation. I do really like these figures uniforms with their white peaked forage caps. The flags are by The Armchair General.
The Battle of Ferozeshah took place on the 21st December 1845 in the Punjab in the North West of India between Generals Sir Hugh Gough and Sir Henry Hardinge against Lal Singh and Tej Singh. A British and Bengal army of 18,000 men, 63 guns and 2 Howitzers against a Sikh army initially of Lal Singh’s force, then joined by Tej Singh’s troops from Ferozepore of 30,000 men and 150 guns (including many heavy calibre). The 29th were assigned to the third Brigade under Brigadier Taylor which was made up of HM 29th Foot, HM 80th Foot and 41st BNI. Brigadier Taylor was the only General Officer killed in action during the battle, the 29th suffered 184 casualties. The British Army won the battle but only by the skin of their teeth. If the Sikhs had continued to press the British there was a strong possibility of them over running the British and snatching victory from defeat, but this was not to be.
H.M. 29th (Worcestershire) Regiment

H.M. 80th (Staffordshire) Regiment 
H.M. 50th (Queens Own) Regiment 

H.M. 9th (Norfolk) Regiment
44th BNI Regiment

2nd BNI Regiment

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