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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Austrian Empire

The Austrian Empire's army is an interesting array of facing colours but overwhelmingly white and painting white can be a challenge, there are some units like Grenzers, Artillery and of course the Cavalry Hussars and Cheauxleger to provide some relief to the snow blindness of white. I am going paint units from Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry. They will be a mix of Front Rank and Perry, not together obviously. This should provide some good variation and allow visitors to compare the figures. I like both makes for different reasons.

The 1st (Emperors Own) Cuirassier Regt


The 6th Riesch Dragoon Regt
5th Klenau Chevaux Leger Regt



The 2nd (Archduke Ferdinand) Regt

The 1st (Emperor Francis) Regt
 The 11th (Wallis) Regt
34th (Esterhazy) Regt


  1. Awesome painting thanks! I just received a stack of Perry Austrians, so good to have these as a reference.

  2. Brilliant!! I like the Austrians! I have them in 15mm and would like to do them in 28mm one day!

  3. Don't forget the Landwehr and Insurrection for some color as well. Good luck with these. I've got to finish some more Austrians if I'm going to relight Paris next year.

  4. Thanks guys Landwehr & Insurrection are something I have never painted but will definitely add to my list. The Austrian Jaegers too. Chasseur get started painting them Perry figs. you loose a lot of painting time when your

  5. I am at a loss, reading conflicting information. Could you post the jacket and facing colours for the Netherlands cavalry brigades?